Andreas Jansen - Cinematographer

Andreas Jansen, 29 years old, is a german, Berlin based cinematographer. Jansen’s started his career on the cinematography business 15 years ago, devoloping his skills and traveling, always capturing the essence of countries like Madagascar, Brazil, South Africa, New Zealand, Iceland and many others.

Traveling across continents brought Andreas close to the sea, where he devolped his passion for the underwater world. Weeks on a boat, jet skis, helicopters, big storms, giant waves, were part of the experience that allowed him to develop his own vision on how to film water sports and also, the underwater flora and fauna.

Now, living in Berlin, besides working with nature, Andreas works together with world renowned clients from different areas, like Cartier, Rolex, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, LG, Windows, Universal Music, Redbull Media, Heineken, among others.

All this different filming experiences brought Andreas to a point where he could use his technical knowledge on creating, building and selling his own version of Underwater Housings and camera Rain Covers.

For more technical details about experience and underwater housings please click on this link.